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Ningbo circulating water cooling water system

2020-11-23 11:19:05
Ningbo circulating water cooling water system

Ningbo Juhua circulating water cooling water system is composed of circulating water tank (48000 * 19000 * 3000), suction pump forebay (48000 * 4700 * 5700) and three circulating water pumps (with 5 pump outlets, currently installed with three pumps, two with a flow rate of 3000m3 / h and one with a flow rate of 2500m3 / h). The total water holding capacity of the system is 4250 m3. The circulating water flow of the system is 3800 m3 / h in summer and 3660 m3 / h in winter.

The heat exchanger has tubular and plate type, and the materials involved include carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. The working temperature of circulating water main pipe is 10-45 degrees, and the design temperature difference is 6 degrees.

The system is equipped with a 300 t / h sand filter.

Water quality analysis:


From the point of view of water quality conditions, there will be no total inorganic phosphorus and residual chlorine if the high-voltage electrostatic processor of Jingdi environmental technology is used instead of adding chemical agents, so the two indexes need not be considered.

According to the quality of circulating water make-up water, the concentration ratio should be controlled at 5 times. According to the average value, the concentration ratio is calculated as follows:


It can be seen from the above table that the Jingdi high-voltage electrostatic processor works normally under 5 times of concentration ratio. Under the peak condition, the chloride ion and alkalinity will exceed the treatment range. Due to the short peak time, the Jingdi high-voltage electrostatic processor has strong shock resistance, which will not affect the normal operation of the circulating water system.

Pictures of the scene:



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