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Lanxi Juhua fluorination case

2020-10-20 17:37:55
Lanxi Juhua fluorination case

Before 2009, the system was equipped with two circulating cooling towers, which were treated by chemical dosing. According to he Jianhua, deputy general manager of the manufacturer at that time, the fouling of heat exchanger and pipeline was serious when chemical dosing was used, and the machine should be dismantled and cleaned once a year. At the end of February 2009, six sets of high-voltage electrostatic water processors were installed at the outlet of two circulating water towers, and chemical dosing was stopped. The system has been operated by high-voltage electrostatic physical method for 8 years, without chemical agent and cleaning treatment. The heat exchange efficiency of heat exchange equipment has always met the needs of production.

Before the application of high-voltage electrostatic physical water treatment, the tube sheet photos of heat exchanger running for 5 months


At the end of April 2009, no obvious scaling was found on the tube side of the condenser after two months of high-voltage electrostatic physical water treatment, and the tube sheet was smooth


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