Nano titanium dioxide sol
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Nano titanium dioxide sol

2020-12-04 09:48:49
Nano titanium dioxide sol

essential information:

CAS# 13463-67-7

Properties: nano titanium dioxide sol has been used in ceramics, plastics, coatings and other industries. Nano titanium dioxide sol is a kind of translucent liquid which uses nano technology to disperse, homogenize and stabilize the components. Nano TiO 2 Sol has the characteristics of nano powder, high activity and easy to add.

Application range:

1. Inner and outer walls, furniture surfaces and glass surfaces.

2. Coating, latex paint and self-cleaning coating.

3. Self cleaning ceramics.

4. Fluorescent lamp and coating, papermaking.

5. Photocatalyst, photocatalyst.

6. Textile finishing agent.

7. Nano coating materials.

Package: 1kg / bottle, 5kg / barrel, 25kg plastic barrel

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