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SVR evaporator

2020-12-04 10:00:57
SVR evaporator

SVR multi effect plate internal coupling evaporator is a core technology system to achieve environmental protection discharge with low cost for heavy pollution and high difficulty wastewater produced by domestic (waste leachate solution) and industry. Through the comprehensive operation of separation, compression and evaporation of heavily polluted raw liquid, as well as a series of liquefaction, gasification and solidification processes, the discharge water can reach the national environmental protection level The system not only reduces the cost of wastewater treatment, but also avoids secondary pollution.

Features and advantages:

1. The process is simple and covers a small area

2. Low operation cost, saving 90% operation cost

3. The unit energy consumption is low, only the compressor electric energy is consumed after starting. Generally, the cost is recovered within half a year to one year

4. The energy efficiency ratio index is far higher than the existing process equipment, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. The energy consumption of single effect SVR is less than half of that of ordinary MVR, while the energy consumption of double effect SVR is less than one fourth of that of ordinary MVR

5. The evaporation temperature difference is small, it is not easy to corrode the heat exchange plate, and is not easy to scale, so as to prolong the service life of the equipment.



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