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Oil water separation technology

2020-12-04 10:01:35
Oil water separation technology

Principle of oil removal technology

When the material is immersed in water, the blocking film is formed.

2. When the oil-bearing water passes through the separation membrane, the water molecules on the water side can pass through the membrane with proper pressure, and the hydrophobic dispersions such as oil are blocked on the surface of the membrane, so the oil-water separation is successfully realized.

3. The blocked oil particles can not adhere to the membrane, and can only remain on the outer surface of the membrane. With the increase of oil particles, oil particles collide with each other and gradually form large oil particles. Under the action of buoyancy, the goal of oil-water separation is truly realized.

Technical advantages of oil-water separation technology: oil-water separation membrane oil-water separation technology is a milestone breakthrough in oil-water separation technology. Due to the fundamental difference in oil-water separation mechanism, oil-water separation membrane oil-water separation technology has outstanding advantages in performance and operation cost compared with traditional oil-water separation technology. The advantages of oil-water separation technology are summarized as follows: high oil removal precision, strong shock resistance; high temperature resistant operation; low cost; high water collection rate; no secondary pollution; oil can be recycled; strong self purification.



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