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Jiaxing Jingdi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

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Address: 6th floor, North building, No1 building, high tech equipment entrepreneurship center, 1133 Taoyuan Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing

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Jiaxing Jingdi environmental science and Technology Co., Ltd. is established to meet the requirements of national green public welfare system policy, specializing in circulating cooling water treatment (large petrochemical enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, power plant circulating water) and waste gas treatment, wastewater treatment engineering design (mainly for zero discharge and recycling of three high-tech wastewater), equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, technical services, installation It is a professional environmental system service engineering company integrating commissioning, operation management, and environmental protection product research and development. It provides customers with one-stop whole process service of environmental comprehensive treatment engineering. Its business scope covers chemical industry, medicine, electroplating, textile printing and dyeing, electronic power, papermaking, mechanical food processing and many other fields.

In the process of development, the company has carried out research, development, application and promotion of new technologies, new materials and new products with a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, constantly introducing leading environmental treatment technologies at home and abroad, improving engineering process, improving design ability, optimizing engineering cost, adhering to targeted process design and equipment manufacturing, excellent product quality and excellent service To meet the needs of enterprises and achieve win-win with customers. The company has successfully solved the environmental governance problems for many large and medium-sized enterprises, and has obtained good reputation and fruitful performance.

Company profile

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