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Advantages of high voltage electrostatic circulating water treatment method

2020-10-23 09:03:03

At present, in addition to the high-voltage electrostatic circulating water, the magnetic field is often used to treat the circulating cooling water. Its principle is based on Faraday's electromagnetic theory. Under the action of external force, the circulating water cuts the magnetic line of force through the magnetic field, and the water will generate electric charge and electromotive force that makes the charge move. The higher the intensity of the magnetic field, the denser the magnetic lines of force are, the faster the water moves, and the lower the resistivity of water, the more electric energy will be generated, and the more significant the physical changes of water will be. Then the water is magnetized. This kind of water can be called magnetic water or magnetized water. At the same time, it can be seen that there are conditions for water to be effectively magnetized. Specifically, for the circulating cooling water system, it is necessary to make the circulating water flow in the system perpendicular to the magnetic line of force, cut the magnetic line with corresponding magnetic field strength and corresponding density with similar water flow, and there should be enough flow velocity to magnetize the water effectively. If the degree of magnetization is not enough, the properties of water do not change significantly, so there will be no obvious effect in use. After a period of time, that is, a certain distance, the magnetized water will gradually consume the magnetized energy through its physical and chemical changes, as well as the reaction in the process of magnetized water contacting with metal tube wall and other materials. The practice shows that the electric field treatment is more suitable than the magnetic field treatment to prevent the scale of circulating cooling water. The reason is that the circulating water always contains some corrosion products, such as magnetic oxide particles, which are absorbed when they flow through the magnetic field. These ferromagnetic materials gather in the magnetic field, resulting in magnetic short circuit and weakening the effect of magnetic field on water. Under the action of high-voltage static electricity, the ferromagnetic material particles in water will not be absorbed, which will not affect the anti scaling effect of the anti scaling device. The treatment effect of high-voltage electrostatic water treatment is better than that of magnetic field in principle.


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