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Practical application of electrodialysis

2020-11-25 11:40:02

High voltage electrostatic circulating water manufacturers to explain the practical application of electrodialysis.

Electrodialysis is a mature technology in membrane separation process. It has been widely used in desalination of brackish water. It is the main method to produce fresh water in some regions of the world. As the newly developed charged membrane has higher selectivity, lower membrane resistance, higher thermal stability, phase chemical stability and higher mechanical strength, the electrodialysis process is not only limited to desalination, but also has many other industrial applications in food, medicine and chemical industries, such as the treatment of industrial wastewater, mainly including acid cleaning Acid and metal are recovered from the waste liquid formed by washing metal surface; heavy metal ions are recovered from electroplating wastewater; sulfate is recovered from synthetic fiber wastewater; sulfite is recovered from pulp wastewater. It can be used in food industry, such as milk desalination to make infant milk powder, separation of ionic substances and non-ionic substances in chemical industry, electrodialysis in clinical medicine can be used as artificial kidney, etc.

In fact, electrodialysis can be said to be a kind of desalination technology, because there are quantitative salts in various kinds of water (including natural water, tap water and industrial wastewater), and the anions and cations of these salts will move to the opposite electrodes under the action of DC electric field. If one anion exchange membrane and one cation exchange membrane are inserted into an electrodialysis device, because the ion exchange membrane has selective permeability, that is, the cation exchange membrane only allows cations to pass through freely, and the anion exchange membrane only allows anions to pass through. Thus, in the middle compartment of the two membranes, the concentration of salt will be reduced due to the directional migration of ions, while the two compartments close to the electrode will not They are anion and cation concentration chambers, and then desalination is achieved in the middle desalination chamber.



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