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Super active nano titanium dioxide

2020-12-04 09:45:14
Super active nano titanium dioxide

essential information:

CAS# :13463-67-7

Particle size: 3 ~ 7 nm, 80% particle size is 5 nm;

Good dispersibility: no dispersant or grinding is needed in water. It is self dispersive in water, uniform and stable white liquid (10%), with obvious nano blue phase. It will not be stratified and precipitated for a long time.

High catalytic activity: the doping of graphene greatly optimizes the photocatalytic activity, and also has strong photocatalytic activity under weak light. The formaldehyde removal rate was 96% in 2 hours;

Dispersion in organic solvents: the dispersion effect is very good in polar organic solvents, such as dimethylformamide and anhydrous ethanol, in which the dispersion of dimethylformamide is better than that of anhydrous ethanol.


Package: 1kg / bag



Fe doped super active nano titanium dioxide

Powder appearance

White powder

Dispersed appearance in water (1%)

Translucent light blue liquid

Particle size

Average 5nm

Crystal form

Pure anatase


More than 99%

Surface properties


usage method:

1. It can be dispersed in any proportion in water, but the water should be deionized water;

2. It can be dispersed in any proportion in ethanol, and the effect of ultrasonic dispersion is better.


The picture shows the XRD spectrum of the prepared titanium dioxide, which corresponds to anatase titanium dioxide

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM):


The German product is about 20 nm, with uniform particles and agglomeration;

Titanium Jingmei is about 5 nm, with uniform particles, monodisperse and excellent dispersion


Description of photocatalytic activity:





1. Use visible light to irradiate (filter out the ultraviolet light below 420nm)

2. The absorbance of Rhodamine B (RHB) was measured by visible light

3. The results showed that titanium Jingmei had better visible light photocatalytic activity, shorter catalytic time and higher efficiency



Comparison of photocatalytic performance of domestic products


Solar performance experiment


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