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Visible light catalyzed carbon fiber products

2020-12-04 09:57:31
Visible light catalyzed carbon fiber products

Product technology advantages:

The carbon fiber with a specific surface area of more than 1000 is used as the carrier, and the grafting technology is used to graft titanium net Meguiar catalyst onto the carbon fiber carrier. On the one hand, the adsorption capacity brought by the specific surface area of carbon fiber is used, and on the other hand, the excellent degradation efficiency of organic matter of titanium jingmeiguang catalyst is used, so the product can be widely used in the treatment of sewage and waste gas.

Product features:

Strong adsorption capacity: carbon fiber carrier has a large specific surface area (up to 1500), so it has a strong adsorption capacity. It can catch organics in sewage and waste gas effectively. Compared with activated carbon, it is not inferior.

Rapid catalytic degradation rate: under the action of photocatalyst, the organic matter captured on carbon fiber carrier is continuously and rapidly degraded, which releases the capture ability of carbon fiber carrier, so as to realize the continuous capture and degradation of organic matter, and achieve the purpose of rapid treatment of sewage and waste gas.

Easy processing, convenient for secondary development: carbon fiber is like a thin sponge, light and soft, easy to use in sewage and waste gas treatment device. It can realize the design and manufacture of a variety of sewage and waste gas devices.

Strong durability: as long as the front-end treatment is well done, dust and other impurities are not covered on the surface of carbon fiber, theoretically, it can work continuously and effectively.




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