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Dispersed nano titanium dioxide

2020-12-04 10:05:05
Dispersed nano titanium dioxide

essential information:

CAS# :13463-67-7

Particle size: 3 ~ 7 nm, 80% particle size is 5 nm;

Good dispersibility: no dispersant or grinding is needed in water. It is self dispersive in water, uniform and stable white liquid (10%), with obvious nano blue phase. It will not be stratified and precipitated for a long time.

High catalytic activity: the doping of graphene greatly optimizes the photocatalytic activity, and also has strong photocatalytic activity under weak light. The formaldehyde removal rate was 96% in 2 hours;

Dispersion in organic solvents: the dispersion effect is very good in polar organic solvents, such as dimethylformamide and anhydrous ethanol, in which the dispersion of dimethylformamide is better than that of anhydrous ethanol.

Package: 1kg / bag

usage method:

1. It can be dispersed in any proportion in water, but the water should be deionized water;

2. It can be dispersed in any proportion in ethanol, and the effect of ultrasonic dispersion will be better.


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