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Super active photocatalyst

2020-12-04 09:54:27
Super active photocatalyst

The advantages of the catalyst are as follows:

(1) At the same high concentration, the foreign photocatalyst is as white as milk, while the titanium photocatalyst is a translucent blue with nano characteristics;


(2) In general, photocatalysts need ultraviolet light to stimulate their catalytic activity. Foreign photocatalysts have also made progress in visible light catalysis, but also need light intensity. Titanium jingmeiguang catalyst has the same good photocatalytic performance in cloudy days near evening light;


(3) Because of its strong adhesion, titanium net photocatalyst nanoparticles are far smaller than the micro pores of the sprayed materials, and there is no agglomeration, so it can penetrate into the micro pores of the sprayed materials, so it is not easy to fall off. In the photocatalytic process, it does not consume itself, so it has a longer service life;




(4) All inorganic formula, no adhesive (glue), no dispersant, no defoamer, no emulsifier, no leveling agent, no penetrant, will not cause secondary pollution;

(5) It is safe and non-toxic. It has no irritating injury to human body, no heavy metal and no toxic injury to human body;

The bactericidal rate is above 99.99%.

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