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Carrying long-term antibacterial and antivirus

2020-12-04 10:04:31
Carrying long-term antibacterial and antivirus

Surface long-acting antibacterial and antivirus agent

Transparent with blue phase characteristic odor liquid

It is composed of 5 nanometer super active silver loaded nano titanium dioxide and acidic oxygen rich small molecular water;

The antibacterial and anti-virus effects of silver loaded nano-TiO2 are as follows

Nano silver doping in nano-TiO2 system can reduce the band gap energy, also affect the process of catalytic oxidation and reduction, effectively prevent the simple recombination of electron hole, so as to greatly improve the photocatalytic activity.

Even in the case of no light, due to the slow-release antibacterial function of silver and other metal ions, this inorganic antibacterial agent has all-weather antibacterial function, which greatly enhances the antibacterial and anti-virus ability.

Oxygen rich small molecule acidic water

It has strong bactericidal and anti-virus ability;

It can further disperse the agglomerated silver loaded nano-TiO2 particles, which makes the monodispersion of the nanoparticles possible, so as to enhance the antibacterial and anti-virus activity of the silver loaded nano-TiO2;

Acidic oxygen rich small molecular water reacts with chlorine bond in the system to form safe and environmental protection hypochlorite, which has the ability of rapid and high efficiency sterilization.


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