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High voltage electrostatic products

2020-12-04 09:58:35
High voltage electrostatic products

The product is applied to the water treatment of open circulating cooling water system with circulating flow of 200m3 / h-80000m3 / h, instead of the traditional mode of chemical treatment of circulating cooling water, it is suitable for chemical industry, oil refining, steel, thermoelectric, waste heat power generation, waste power generation, pharmaceutical, paper making, printing and dyeing, coal chemical industry and other industries.

Equipment parameters

1. Power supply parameters: (220 ± 22) V / (50 ± 1) Hz power supply.

2. Output voltage parameters: the output voltage of the high voltage generator is not less than 25kV.

3. Electric field emitter: working length 3M, diameter 32mm.

4. Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

5. Circulating water temperature: 0-95 ℃

6. Working environment: no interference of strong electric field or magnetic field within 5m.

7. Effective water treatment capacity: it adopts multiple array installation, and is customized according to the circulating water system and water quality parameters.

8. Service life parameters of equipment body: 10 ~ 15 years

9. Technical performance parameters:

The scale inhibition rate shall not be less than 85%

The sterilization rate is not less than 95%

The algae killing rate should not be less than 95%

The corrosion rate of carbon steel pipe wall is less than 0.075mm/a, while that of copper, copper alloy and stainless steel pipe wall is less than 0.005mm/a.



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