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High voltage electrostatic field circulating water treatment equipment

2020-12-04 09:59:22
High voltage electrostatic field circulating water treatment equipment

Power supply parameters: (220 ± 22) V / (50 ± 1) Hz power supply, each power 15W.

Output voltage parameters: the output voltage of high voltage generator is not less than 20kV

Rod size: ¢ 32 × 1500 ~ 3000mm, electric cabinet size 245 × 180 × 110mm

1. For large-scale circulating cooling water system, array type high-voltage electrostatic water treatment is integrated into the cooling tower, so that the circulating water entering the system can be effectively treated by the water processor, thus producing the functions of sterilization, algae killing, corrosion inhibition and progressive scale removal.

2. Effective water treatment capacity: the treatment capacity of each set is 250 m3 / H-300 m3 / h, which is installed by multiple arrays, and the treatment capacity is the product of the treatment capacity of a single equipment and the number of equipment.

3. Service life parameters of equipment body: 10 years

4. Technical performance parameters: scale inhibition rate is not less than 85%; sterilization rate is not less than 95%; algae killing rate is not less than 95%; corrosion rate of carbon steel pipe wall is less than 0.125mm/a; corrosion rate of copper, copper alloy and stainless steel pipe wall is less than 0.005mm/a

Installation position: it is selected to be installed at the water inlet of the water pump in the system reservoir.

Baffle measures: the area around the installation of high-voltage electrostatic water processor shall be installed with baffle; if there is a suction well, it shall be installed at the suction well. The goal is to ensure that 95% of the system water can flow through the electrostatic treatment field and be treated.

Power supply setting: the electric control integrated cabinet is connected with 220 V power supply, which is close to the electrostatic processor as far as possible, so as to ensure that the power line is not longer than 5 meters

Monitoring mode: judge the working condition of the equipment by observing the power light and work light. It can be connected to the central control system if necessary.



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