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Source and treatment of electroplating wastewater

2020-10-23 09:08:14

High voltage electrostatic circulating water manufacturers to explain to you, electroplating wastewater sources are generally: (1) plating parts cleaning water; (2) waste electroplating solution; (3) other waste water, including washing workshop floor, brushing plate washing water, ventilation equipment condensate water, as well as due to plating tank leakage or improper operation management (4) the cooling water of the equipment is not polluted except for the temperature rising. The quality and quantity of electroplating wastewater are related to the process conditions, production load, operation management and water use mode. The quality of electroplating wastewater is complex and its composition is not easy to control. It contains chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other heavy metal ions and cyanide. Some of them are carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic toxic substances.

At present, the treatment of electroplating wastewater generally adopts physicochemical method. There are many treatment methods and many effective methods, but few of them can achieve the overall standard. But there are also some good works. It can form a macromolecular chelate with heavy metal ions in wastewater through DTCR, and then through flocculation, it can remove the heavy metal ions in electroplating wastewater and meet the national standards. The main source of zinc in electroplating and metal processing wastewater is the drag solution of electroplating or pickling. The pollutants are transferred to the rinsing water through the metal washing process. The pickling process consists of immersing metal (zinc or copper) in strong acid to remove oxide on the surface, followed by immersion in a brightener containing strong chromic acid for brightening. The wastewater contains a large number of hydrochloric acid, zinc, copper and other heavy metal ions and organic brighteners, which are toxic. Some of them also contain carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic toxic substances, which are harmful to human beings. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater should be recycled seriously to eliminate or reduce its environmental pollution. Electroplating wastewater treatment equipment is composed of regulating tank, dosing tank, reduction tank, neutralization reaction tank, pH regulating tank, flocculation tank, inclined tube sedimentation tank, box filter press, clean water tank, air flotation reaction, activated carbon filter, etc.


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