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"Three high" industrial wastewater treatment technology:

2020-10-23 09:05:10

High voltage electrostatic circulating water manufacturers to explain to you, common treatment technologies include:

1. Micro electrolysis coupled catalytic oxidation technology

Nano micro electrolysis coupled catalytic oxidation technology is a new generation of oxidation technology. The characteristics of the technology are that nano iron carbon micro electrolysis coupled with a variety of catalysts is used to realize the oxidation and degradation of organic matter and heavy metal ions, which is 30-40% higher than the traditional micro electrolysis technology. Its characteristics include simple and convenient installation, material resistance, COD degradation and removal of heavy metal ions, and low operation cost.

2. Composite flocculant (USF)

USF has the characteristics of fast flocculation and sedimentation, high density of sludge, strong dehydration and no secondary pollution. It can remove SS from most industrial wastewater.

3. Adsorption technology

The core of the adsorption technology is a strong adsorbent, which is made of new microporous materials. The surface and interior of the material are modified by ions. The organic matter and heavy metal ions in the wastewater can be incorporated into the structure of the material to realize solidification. The heavy metal ions such as cod and Cr6 +, Pb2 +, Cd2 +, Ni2 + can be removed greatly.

4. Catalytic oxidation technology

The core of catalytic oxidation technology is catalytic oxidation filler, which is sintered by a kind of polymer material and material with catalytic oxidation coating on the surface under high temperature conditions. It has the dual functions of catalytic oxidation and adsorption. It can degrade macromolecular substances in sewage and absorb impurity particles and heavy metals at the same time. Its characteristics include no sludge generation, short reaction time, repeated regeneration and 20% less basic investment than ordinary basic investment.

5. Fenton oxidation strengthening technology

A persulfate activation technology combines H2O2 and Na2S2O8 in a double oxidation system. In this system, H2O2 will produce a series of chain reactions under the activation of some catalysts, which will ensure that the concentration of oxidant in the whole system remains relatively stable.

6. Microbial enzyme biological aerated filter technology

Microbial enzyme biofilter technology is a kind of wastewater treatment technology which uses multifunctional biological carrier to immobilize microorganisms and biocatalysts. The multifunctional carrier in this technology is a kind of macroporous network polymer material with reactive groups. Microorganisms and enzymes are fixed on the carrier by chemical bonding, so as to prevent the loss of microorganisms, especially enzymes.


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