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High voltage electrostatic water processor

2020-11-26 14:45:50

High voltage electrostatic circulating water processor

Pharmaceutical factories, smelters, coking, pharmaceutical, paper, hardware, food processing, plastic products, power plants, chemical plants The water demand of modern manufacturing enterprises is very large, so the key effect of cooling circulating water can not be ignored. It is the key way to ensure the safe and stable operation of the processing plant to select a sound and reliable circulating water treatment method.

Under the process standard of industrial production, a series of changes will occur in the water body of industrial cooling circulating water, which will cause adverse effects on production and manufacturing, such as: erosion, scale, bacteria and algae, sludge, etc. If this problem can not be reasonably handled, it can not carry out production safety, leading to great industrial production damage. Long term material resources, human resources and capital investment can not be controlled smoothly. For the sake of high efficiency, it is not safe to operate.

At the present stage, there is a new technology application of water processor in the sales market, which is not only convenient, wide application coverage, but also environmental protection. This is the high voltage electrostatic induction water processor highly recommended by Zhongrong natural environment. It can handle the following problems:

1. It is not necessary to add drugs to clean and inhibit scale, and the physical method of alternating electric field is used to solve the problems of cooling circulating water, scale inhibition, sterilization and algae killing.

2. Increase the concentration ratio, reduce the sewage treatment capacity and make-up water flow, high efficiency, save water, 24-hour automatic solution, reduce the workload of staff, do not need special maintenance.

3. The emerald green method can greatly reduce the difficulty coefficient of zero emission of power plants.

Construction site

Basic principles of machinery and equipment

High voltage electrostatic induction water processor is based on a new generation of physical sewage treatment basic principle, which is mainly composed of rod body aluminum alloy composite camera and electrical control cabinet causing direct current. After inputting 380V AC, the motor controller outputs AC voltage above 20kV to generate a high voltage electric field around the high voltage electrostatic induction water treatment camera which extends into the water. Electrostatic induction wastewater treatment belongs to physical method, which is different from organic chemical method. Most of them do not achieve the goal of sewage treatment by changing the composition of positive ions in water, but only changing the molecular formula of water or changing the structure of electronic devices in water according to the effect of high pressure or bottom pressure electric field, so that the positive ions in water will not tend to the wall, let alone accumulate on the wall, And then achieve the goal of scale inhibition, scale cleaning, sterilization, algae killing and corrosion inhibition.



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